Our innovation charter: the real estate services of today and tomorrow

A sense of innovation is the foundation of everything we do at Quares. We  work for our future and that of our customers, and that is why we have drawn up a charter with measurable objectives:

  1. As trendsetters, we follow new trends on the market close to heel.
  2. We have a separate division that focuses on innovation.
  3. We launch at least two new products or services every year.
  4. We innovate as a knowledge-sharing company in close cooperation with our divisions.
  5. We deploy our innovations professionally on the market so that they can last.
  6. We conduct professional market research before we develop innovations.
  7. We have highly-qualified innovation experts in house.
  8. We bring external innovation knowledge regularly in house.
  9. We attend domestic and foreign real estate fairs and congresses.
  10. We ask the opinion and ideas of customers and influencers for our innovation.