Quares Student Housing

Quares Student Housing invests in high-quality and affordable housing for students and young starters and rents it out to students and "young professionals" in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liège.


Our goal is to invest in 2000 high-quality and affordable student rooms in the country's main student cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Leuven and Ghent by 2024.

Quares Student Housing represents a unique way of investing in real estate. By investing in student and young professionals housing, a niche market within the real estate offering, we succeed in linking the intended return to a real estate investment without worries in terms of management and rental.

Research teaches us that it is after all a market with stability and growth potential. Various student cities have a growing shortage of quality and affordable student rooms. This is due to various factors:

  • Higher education continues to democratize so that the number of students continues to grow.
  • Educational reforms implemented after the Bologna Accords are leading to longer training paths
  • Expected demographic growth in young adults (18-24)
  • Student housing is increasingly in need of relocation, renovation and upgrading.
  • The student real estate market is evolving towards more professionalization and upscaling.


Quares Student Housing Annual Report 2020

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