Bart De Smedt

Dag, ik ben Bart

I earned a Master’s degree in Applied Economics, specializing in the transport and logistics sector. My thesis on congestion in European airspace in the very least hinted that I would later work in real estate. My love for real estate was fuelled further when I explored the real estate market in Bucharest. After  a period as a researcher, in 2010 I switched over for good and started to work at Quares. From my position I try to shape our real estate challenges of tomorrow and to look into which positions Quares has to adopt in order to remain a sustainable forerunner in the sector.  

Bart combines his broad economic background with an academic mindset to achieve reliable project results. He is inquisitive and is not afraid of exploring new markets. His sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for his work and strong social and communication skills make him a reliable partner in your project team.