In concrete terms we, as park manager, offer you the following support:



To get off to a good start, a non-profit association will be set up to officialise the cooperation of the business association. An important feature of this non-profit association is a sound and active board of directors composed preferably by one or more people from the local government and some local entrepreneurs.


Support creation

We create support by means of a needs analysis or what is known as a ‘park management survey’ to cater to the needs and wishes of local companies. The results will determine which issues to work on. In addition to this survey, we conduct company searches to get to know companies, recruit members, and present our wholesale purchases.


Structured consultation

As a park manager, we want to stay close to our stakeholders. To this end, we see to the organization of the board of directors, the general meeting of shareholders and workgroups that are responsible for devising projects such as safety and mobility.



In addition to the structured consultation, we are also responsible for communication in the wide meaning of the term. As a park manager, we maintain the website, send newsletters and organize various events and information sessions.



If so desired, our accountants can provide support to the non-profit association, which is required to work with open accounts.


Energy accounting

For newly developed business parks we are also responsible for monitoring the energy accounting of the companies pursuant to the required CO2 neutrality on electricity consumption.

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