We assist companies with asset, property and facility management and act as a broker for high-quality urban residential real estate. We also assist governments and real estate developers in subsidy management, spatial development and urban renewal. We finance energy-related real estate challenges and develop real estate funds in multiple asset classes. In that sense, Quares takes a different approach than many colleagues in the sector. Our multidisciplinary approach makes us unique in our own country


Our aim in Property Management is to provide you, as an owner of professional real estate, with optimal service for total peace of mind.

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Our aim in Facility Management is to ensure total peace of mind for companies when it comes to the maintenance of the business premises they use, with added value for the organization of the management, and to see to technical problems and the management of suppliers.

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As a Project Manager, we stand guarantee for a tailored design for your organization, competitive prices, thorough budget control, close monitoring of the schedule and a penchant for facilitating the design and choice of your materials.

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Sustainability management

As a sustainable property manager, we wish to provide our clients with maximum support in making their property portfolio more sustainable. We do this not only on an executive level, but also on a strategic and financial level.

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Our aim in Business Park Management as a sustainable park manager is to endeavour for an attractive business park, where the companies located there can capitalize on the internal cooperation and our scale.

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Subsidy guidance

Quares guides you from A to Z through all the subsidy options that the government offers you: from help for sloop, infrastructure and real estate works to support for setting up your sustainable and innovative real estate projects.

Subsidy Guidance

Urban development

Cities act as the backbone of our changing world. We work on the cities of tomorrow through inclusive and innovative urban development.

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Energy community management

The real estate sector is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide. If we want to achieve the climate goals of the Paris agreement, we will have to invest massively in renewable energy, energy efficiency and the performance of new building technologies. We want to actively contribute to this from Quares as a sustainable property manager and from Jade Synergies as a financier of sustainable energy solutions.

Energy community management

Fund management

As a fund manager, Quares takes primary responsibility for the strategic interests of your real estate portfolio. These include the allocation policy of the portfolio, risk management, supervision of asset and property management, acquisition and disposition policy and the optimization of the portfolio.

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Student Housing

Quares Student Housing invests in high-quality and affordable housing for students and young starters and rents it out to students and "young professionals" in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liège.

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Quares Sustainability Initiative

Quares has built up a great deal of experience in the past in setting up direct and indirect real estate funds.

The Quares Sustainability Initiative goes a lot further and invests in making our real estate portfolio more sustainable.

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