Corporate social responsibility means sustainable entrepreneurship

Quares opts for Corporate Social Responsibility. We test the way we work, our methods and decisions against our ambitions for quality, sustainability and efficiency each and every time. In concrete terms, this means that we are always looking for a balance between sound financial results, social interests and the environment. How we strike that balance depends on the stakeholders at Quares: our own employees, customers, shareholders, the government, etc.

Examples of socially responsible initiatives in Quares include:

Planet: We opt for a responsible and sustainable procurement policy: FSC paper and fair trade products, new copiers and cars with low CO2 emissions.

Profit: We always take the profit aspect into consideration to underpin People and Planet actions.  

Quares has also embarked on the People-oriented Entrepreneurship project with support from the European Social Fund (ESF). We endeavour actively to improving the inflow, competency management, lending policy, feedback policy, motivation policy, knowledge management, leadership and structure of the organization.

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