Real estate is ever present everywhere. Quares is your trusted partner in every phase of life…

Everything starts in the house where you grew up

Everything starts in the house where you grew up – your parents’ house. That is often the first property to which you are personally attached. At a later point in your life, it might also be part of your inheritance. If you sell it, you naturally want it to land in good hands. Quares can help.   

Buying and selling with Quares

Did you go  to the city with friends when you were a teenager?  Then you probably went shopping, for a bite to eat, or to have fun in properties that Quares manages and often even designed. Quares may have even seen to the building management in your first holiday job or real work experience. Quares is today already tackling the real estate issues of tomorrow.

Your future work environment

Your student years were undoubtedly memorable. Did you live in a student flat? Then that property has special meaning for you. Whether rented by you or bought by your parents, it represents your first steps in the real estate world.  Did you know that nowadays student real estate is a sensible and safe investment? At Quares, we will be glad to answer all your questions on the matter.

Invest in real estate with Quares

When you graduate, you start looking for your first house or apartment. And somewhat later, you consider selling or letting a property. Whatever real estate (trans)actions you plan, you want to work with an expert. Opting for Quares means choosing a partner who respects your wishes and can advise you about a market price.  

For rent

You have an office job, or work in a hotel, a shop or a warehouse. Your enjoyment at work is also determined by the working environment. Quares helps real estate owners and users to create a pleasant working environment.

Let Quares manage your property

You can plan your inheritance at all times, and it’s better to do so today than leave it till tomorrow.  But what is the best way to go about it when you own real estate or invest in real estate shares? Perhaps you are looking  for extra return on your savings? One thing is certain: You want to be sure of a maximum yield so that your financial future and that of your loved ones remains secure.

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