About Quares


Quares stands for  Quality Real Estate Services.  This means a clear-cut focus on quality, innovation and sustainability.

By doing that we can always get the maximum out of real estate for our customers, our partners and our investors. We work from 4 business lines: Immo Services, Property Services, Community Services and Investment Services.

In this way we can guarantee customized expertise and experience. A personal touch is always included.

Curious as to what Quares can mean for you? We will be glad to take the time to explain. 


Quares has stood for Quality Real Estate Services since 2005.

We are active throughout the Benelux and have offices in Antwerp, Mechelen, Brussels,  Sint-Niklaas, Amsterdam and Luxemburg.

With more than 75 employees, we form a multicultural and diverse team whose members inspire and strengthen each other.

We have four unlisted real estate portfolios under management for a total investment value of ca. €124 million.

We are the founder of 1 listed real estate fund (‘regulated real estate company’) with a total investment value of ca. €283 million.

We conducted 548 residential real estate transactions in 2020.

We subscribe to Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS).

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