Master planning

Cities act as the backbone of our changing world. We are working on the cities of tomorrow through inclusive and innovative master planning.

Master planning

The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly perceptible. There is a growing awareness in Flanders and abroad as well as in our cities that additional steps are needed. In Flanders, we have a second important problem: our land use.

Urban problems, an outdated spatial planning and population growth have led to urban sprawl. This suburbanization  process has not only taken up a lot of space, but has caused all sorts of problems with mobility, utilities, the environment etc.


Mental shift

To reverse this trend, we must change the way we look at cities and real estate development drastically.  The challenge is to create a necessary mental shift in everyone. And this can only be done by providing good examples and by showing the alternative.


Quares as a partner in your master planning process

Master planning is an important step to quality and liveable urban development.  As cooperation between all stakeholders is crucial in order to work and live in a space-saving but above all sustainable manner, dependencies will be created which will have to be managed in turn. Examples include: 

  • Collective green and water buffering
  • Exchange of waste flows such as energy, heat and materials
  • Closed circuits
  • Co-housing
  • Shared facilities
  • Interlinking residential and occupational premises
  • Multiple land use

The development of vision, structuring and possible financing for these shared facilities and infrastructures are part and parcel of our core business.  Our consultants will gladly join the design teams to integrate our knowledge in the master planning process and find sustainable long-term solutions.

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"De marktgedreven, innovatieve, oplossingsgerichte en complementaire kennis van Quares en hun uitgebreide netwerk leveren waardevolle inzichten van bij het masterplanningsproces."

Toon Dirckx

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