Project- en Process Management

Empowering societies: the people make the city. Enhance the chances of success of your real estate project through active project en process management.

Project and process management

We cannot create a better society in our own cocoon or with voluminous reports, but by coming out with concrete projects, pilot projects, etc. For projects can come to life only when all parties converge and cooperate. 

An important, if not the most important starting point is that a process -- and therefore also process management – is necessary to see a project through. The purpose of that process is a solution that is borne by various stakeholders.

Co-creation workshops

Co-creation is a form of cooperation, where all participants have an influence on the process and the result of this process, such as a plan, advice or product.


Characteristics of co-creation are dialogue, common ground, enthusiasm, decisiveness and focus on results.


The conditions for a successful co-creation are equality of the participants, reciprocity, openness and trust and confidence. These conditions are met best in a structured but creative process under the supervision of a process coach / supervisor. Integrity is required of the participants. Co-creation is considered to be useful for solving complex issues and seeing change processes through.

At Quares, we have experience in many co-creation processes round energy, ESCO, heating grids, etc.

Environmental and stakeholder management

Nearly all development and redevelopment projects for industrial estates, inner-city projects or integral area developments are part of a broader environment. Clustering, acquisition, multiple land use, and the like are necessary in order to deal with the problem of scarce space.

Due course

All stakeholders must be involved in this process in due course in order to define objectives and ambitions and to distribute tasks.  This is the only way to create the necessary support so as to attain good project results.  This in turn requires a good consultation structure and the necessary process guidance.


Greater chance for success

Quares has extensive experience in providing advice and support in such complex projects. The ingredients of successful stakeholder management are:

  • Good actor identification
  • Early informing on the interests of various stakeholders
  • Involving stakeholders in decisions in due course
  • A transparent and clear communication strategy
  • A concrete action plan


Process and process management in real estate consultancy starts with defining the desired result. Consequently, the aim of that result must be defined. Insight in your real estate ambition and your motivations are hereby essential.


Guidance and protection

Quares can serve as your guide and sparring partner here.  But at the same time, we also protect you against obstacles that crop unavoidably up on your path.

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