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The real estate sector is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide. If we want to achieve the climate goals of the Paris agreement, we will have to invest massively in renewable energy, energy efficiency and the performance of new building technologies. We want to actively contribute to this from Quares as a sustainable property manager and from Jade Synergies as a financier of sustainable energy solutions.

The evolution from a central to a decentralized energy market is essential. Renewable sources such as wind and sun currently only provide a limited share of our energy demand. The potential for additional locally produced renewable energy is nevertheless great.

There is currently no further control of that energy production. Overloading the energy grid is always lurking around the corner and as a result we have not yet succeeded in optimally using the available capacity of the renewable energy supplied.

It goes without saying that in addition to individual action, collective action will also be required to achieve all this in a sustainable manner. This collective action will be given a legal framework in the short term, in particular through the transposition of the EU Clean Energy for All Europeans Package. The so-called "local energy community" (LEC) is becoming a crucial system participant.

Within a Local Energy Community we try to balance the supply and demand of energy locally. An active insight into and management of the energy demand and production of buildings is crucial in this regard. In this lies the success of a complete transition to renewable energy.

The biggest challenge lies not in the technological aspects, nor in the financial aspects, but in the real willingness of building owners and users to take concrete action. They will have to realize that they have every interest in responding correctly to this energy challenge. After all, the energy performance of their assets will have an important value-determining influence. It will be important to stimulate owners and users in a positive way, with the right arguments and with inspiring examples.

This is where we as a building and business park manager can play a crucial role by using our expertise, network and building portfolio for relevant feasibility studies, pilot cases and testing grounds.

Quares and Jade Synergies want to actively contribute to the creation of such energy communities by offering energy services as a service.

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