More and more companies are rightly taking measures to reduce their energy consumption. The most efficient way, of course, continues to save energy before generating it sustainably yourself.

An outdated lighting installation is responsible for a large part of your energy consumption, so that a "relighting project" certainly adds value to your company and this with a short payback time.

Solar panels

In addition to energy saving options, a company can also produce renewable energy itself. The most obvious technology is the installation of solar panels.

The large investment cost is often a hindrance to realizing such projects in the short term. From Quares we can guarantee the financing of your renewable energy investments through our subsidiary Jade.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning)

An outdated HVAC installation is associated with high maintenance costs. In addition, users experience problems with reduced comfort and an installation that occasionally breaks down.

Quares offers a solution for both the financing and the installation of the devices through its subsidiary Jade.

Charging stations for electric mobility

All new company cars must be GHG-free by 2026 and the government will work to phase out the sale of non-zero-emission cars.

Based on this message from the coalition agreement, it is essential that companies prepare for this transition and invest in additional charging points at work and at home. Quares can finance this rollout through her daughter Jade.


Supply and demand for renewable energy is rarely in balance. To solve this, we should be able to store temporary surpluses of renewable energy, from the sun and wind. The role of batteries is therefore increasing.

Quares, through its daughter Jade, finances the installation and control of smart batteries within a broader energy strategy of a company or an energy community.