If you have invested in a commercial building of some sort (logistics, offices, retail), then you have every interest to outsource its management to a professional property manager. You’ll find that a professional property manager is an expert who uses his or her knowledge and experience to carry out property management as efficiently as possible. It also means that you are not overwhelmed with paperwork and management tasks – plus you are able to derive the highest return from your property investment.

Calendar icon22 November 2013

Professional property management: your investment is in good hands

Tight, detailed monitoring is essential for extracting maximum return from your property investment. Property management involves all kinds of financial and administrative work. If you do everything yourself, there’s barely time left over to take care of your core business.

So that you don’t jeopardise the continuity of your core business, we recommend that you work with a professional property manager. As the link between owner and tenant, the professional property manager is responsible for:

  • Accounting: monitoring rent payments, communal charges, etc.
  • Commercial and administrative support.
  • Keeping up to date and applying new legislation.
  • Technical management: managing maintenance, permits, etc.


Professional property management: lower costs, happy tenants

Good financial and administrative management is the key to generating returns. Because a professional property manager keeps a close eye on things, income and expenditure are easy to compare and can be quickly adjusted, if needed. A professional property management company also focuses on preventative maintenance (rather than corrective) so that maintenance costs fall sharply in the long term.

When your property is managed professionally, you can rely on your tenants paying their rent on time and having all services charged out correctly. And because the property manager is also responsible for correspondence and deals with any complaints promptly, you can be assured of having satisfied tenants at all times without it taking up any of your time.

Professional property management is opting for expertise

Professional property management means you have all the knowledge and experience you need in-house.   From monitoring the progress of statutory authorisation applications and collecting rent, to making structural investments that will maintain the value of your premises, you have a guarantee of continuity, while you can also focus fully on your other business activities.