Quares retains its position among the top 3 property manager

Quares has succeeded in maintaining its position as the number 1 Property Manager for real estate logistics for 6 years in a row. Within the office management sector, Quares is number 1 in the Antwerp region. Our facility management team specialised in retail real estate is capturing third place among city shops.

Calendar icon29 November 2018

The real estate magazine ‘Expertise’ published the results of its annual survey of the top building managers.

It goes without saying that we are very pleased with our overall position as the 2nd most successful  property manager in Belgium. We have attained  this  stature by providing maximum support to our customers and to our ‘client's client'. Thanks to our additional services 'Design & Build' and 'Facility Management', we have also increased both real estate investors’ and tenants’ satsifaction.

Based on our expertise in sustainable management, wherein we focus on green energy, energy-saving solutions and have the ability to finance the latter through our sister company, Jade Synergies, we strive to enable even more customers to benefit from our way of working.