An office building is far more than a place in which to work. It is now more important than ever before to create pleasant, efficient offices and thus to promote the productivity of the ‘residents.’

An office building must be a pleasant working environment and an inviting place to receive customers. These are the prerequisites for quality management of office buildings, in addition to cost efficiency. Quares offers customized services for owners and users alike. It currently manages ca. 700,000 m² of office space.


Property managers

Our property managers naturally work in the first place for owners of office buildings. They make sure that the offices are operated flawlessly and report regularly on their work. They see to the timely maintenance of technical installations, cleaning, waste collection, etc… so that you, as an owner, can count on a high degree of satisfaction on the part of your tenants.  


Facility managers

Our facility managers serve as contacts for people who work in and who use office buildings. They make sure that everyone has the necessary means, resources and services in strategic and practical terms. They choose the right providers for each service to make and maintain the working environment as pleasant and as efficient as possible.  


Design & Build

Our Design & Build project managers are specialists in the practical and creative layout of your office. Moreover, they can advise and guide you if you were to relocate, so that you can stay focused on your core activities.