Tom&Co, the market leader in the pet store segment, has opted to work with property specialist Quares.

Calendar icon09 June 2017

The Property & Facility Management division of Quares will provide Tom&Co with support in property management. In its new role, Quares will be responsible for the financial and administrative management of Tom&Co’s retail outlets located across Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Tom&Co has opted to outsource the operation of its financial and administrative property arm for the whole of its retail outlets to Quares. As part of this assignment, Quares will be responsible for monitoring all lease and subletting contracts, complete with the breaks, lease renewals and terminations, collecting the rent and everything related to property accounting.

Tom&Co currently has some 153 stores, of which 131 are in Belgium, 20 in France and 2 in Luxembourg. The years ahead will see further expansion in the number of outlets, particularly in France, while in Belgium the focus will be mainly on optimising the network, as well as opening a number of additional stores. In terms of its cross-border operations, the Belgian team will be working closely with the Quares Property & Facility Management team in Luxembourg.