Business Park Management requires an integral, future-oriented approach. This is the only way to safeguard value for the future. That however, requires a great deal of working capital. You can obtain part of it by applying for subsidies. Quares has extensive experience on the subject.

An integral approach

As a Park Manager, we are responsible for the daily management, purchase and monitoring common services and supplies, as well as for devising new initiatives.  Quares takes centre stage in this concept, but always works in close cooperation with the companies, investors, governmental authorities and other relevant stakeholders involved.

Quares currently manages 22 business parks throughout Flanders totalling 2,225 hectares, playing host to 1200 companies. These business parks are a mix of old and new estates, where each type requires a customized approach. 



Since 2013, Quares has received €2,100,000 in working capital by way of subsidies to introduce sustainable business park management.  Furthermore, the companies established in the business parks have been able to save substantially through the group purchases we can offer thanks to our scale.

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