Quares Residential Investment

Quares Residential Investment, founded in 2022, stands for sustainable, high-quality and affordable housing accessible to a broad public in the Belgian rental market.  We let qualitative (re)new-build flats in Belgium, specifically at locations where living, working and relaxing come together.

Sustainable, qualitative and affordable renting in the 15-minute city

Our objective is to invest in sustainable, quality and affordable flats located in the 15-minute city. We base our approach on the following pillars:


Sustainability forms one of our pillars in the raison d'être of Quares Residential Investment. Our in-house expertise raises every project to a higher level in terms of energy by applying the optimum mix of techniques and technologies.

15-minute city

Our properties are situated in locations where you can go shopping, wave your children off at the school gates and relax within 15 minutes on foot or by bike. We strongly believe in the idea of the 15-minute city, just as you do.

Quality living

Since we do not develop our own apartments, we are able to offer only the best to our tenants. The team ensures that each flat is equipped with all the basic necessities and that the whole picture is correct.


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