Demolition, infrastructure and real estate

Some €9 million euros in subsidies annually and  a track record of more than €150 million in investments:  Quares can rightfully claim market leader honours when it comes to guidance for infrastructure and real estate subsidies.

    Subsidy guidance: demolition, infrastructure and real estate

    Quares has acquired extensive expertise in recently years in subsidy guidance for real estate projects. Two important possible sources of subsidies are described below. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced consultants for such and or other real estate-related subsidies. They will be delighted to help you maximize your subsidy potential.  

    Do you want to buy or clear a vacant and/or neglected commercial space?

    The Flemish Region provides a financial contribution through the Department of the Environment and the Renovation Fund for the purchase of business premises and demolition and clearing works. Vacant or neglected premises have a negative effect on the quality of the environment, in fact.  

    Quares can guide you from A to Z through your demolition project. We will study your project during a preliminary interview and inform you about all the conditions and requirements.  

    Do you want to build infrastructure on a new, existing or outdated industrial estate or science park?

    The Flemish Region grants subsidies to public and private real estate owners through the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship  to private and public real estate developers to lay out and redevelop industrial estates. These subsidies may pertain to:

    • The study work needed to bring problematic industrial estates back on the market;
    • The investments for the layout of roads, utilities, green and water buffers, etc.  

    Quares has an extensive track record in putting together such projects for green fields, brown fields and outdated industrial terrains.  

    Our approach:  

    1. We conduct an initial interview to screen your project for subsidy opportunities and the percentages concerned.  
    2. We go through the conditions together with you and guide you further in accordance with prior discussions with important stakeholders.
    3. We moreover coordinate the composition and submission of the file from beginning to end.  
    4. We act as a single point of contact for the governmental authority that grants the subsidies.  
    5. And we see to the completion and inspection of your project.  

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