As regards sustainability, you might have problems seeing the forest from the trees when you look at the subsidy landscape. Do not let any subsidies or tax incentives go to waste. Rely on the subsidy expertise of Quares.

Subsidy guidance: sustainability

Our current economic consumption model is anything but sustainable. In the circular economy, we emit less CO2 and conserve more energy and materials. We come up with better ideas about our mobility but also about the way we live and work.

Circular economy

This new and sustainable economic model must ensure greater welfare and new jobs. It must give oxygen in the literal and figurative sense to a harmonious future where people and the environment are no longer enemies. That is why the Flemish government has pulled all the subsidy and advice stops to provide maximal support for private individuals and companies during this transition.

Something for you as well?

The opportunities for support are very diverse.  That is why we would like to go over the channels that can provide added value for your company or project during a personal interview.  As an innovative frontrunner in the real estate sector, we not only advise and guide other companies but set the good example ourselves.

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"Voor Quares gaat duurzaamheid eerder over opportuniteiten dan over hindernissen, en eerder over waardecreatie dan over waardebescherming."

Nick WIjns

ESCO4GENT: Energiebesparing bij kmo's op bedrijventerreinen

Over een periode van twee jaar onderzocht Quares en 3E de mogelijkheden van derdepartijfinanciering voor energiebesparingen bij kmo’s. Dit onderzoek liep in het kader van het project “ESCO’s voor kmo’s” van het Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen (VLAIO). Het consortium heette ESCO4Gent en bestudeerde de bedrijventerreinen Drongen I en de Industrieweg, beide in Gent.