Quares considers the government to be a reliable partner when it comes to championing innovations.

Subsidy guidance: innovation

Do you want to be an innovative pioneer in the real estate sector just like us? Do you have good ideas on how your industrial estate, project development or inner-city centre can stand out in the market on the innovative front but need a preliminary research study?  The most important subsidies for innovation in Flanders come from the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  

Optimization of subsidy potential

No need to worry if you do not have the experience or time to prepare such an application yourself. The seasoned consultants at Quares will gladly consider how we can implement these innovative real estate concepts through feasibility studies, proof of concepts or clustering.  We will also be delighted to discuss with you our network so that we can put together a project team and will gladly join such teams ourselves.

We are thinking of the following subsidy options for innovation, for instance:

  • SME feasibility studies
  • SME innovation projects
  • SME growth subsidies
  • R&D business projects (Research and Experimental Development)
  • Innovation and investment deduction
  • Tax credit for research and development
  • Innovation clusters such as Fux 50 for energy innovation, etc.

We will be glad to provide more details during a personal interview.

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"Quares ziet de overheid als een betrouwbare partner om innovaties kracht bij te zetten."

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